FRINGE REVIEW – Cab-arette Cab


You certainly get to know your fellow audience members quickly as you enter the genuine Edinburgh black cab which has been transformed into Cab-arette. Lola, your French host for (most of) the hour, has decorated her taxi for the evening, complete with disco ball, twinkly lights and red drapes.

Music, tales and laughs all ensue and anything can happen in this very special taxi. Several of Lola’s ‘friends’ pop into the cab to entertain you at the various stops around town and you’ll be singing along to their versions of songs in no time.

You never know what’s going to happen next in Lola’s taxi or what the reaction of passers-by might be. One thing that is guaranteed is that you’ll be laughing with the other passengers as you enjoy the sights and sounds of the Scottish capital in this moving show. It’s a perfect choice for both tourists and locals, with the latter being to appreciate the digs at the council that little bit more.

Cab-arette Cab is a unique, intimate and utterly bonkers Fringe experience that definitely deserves a tip.

Cab-arette Cab is on at various times and dates until 1st September.

You can also book Cab-arette Cab for private performances. More information on Lola’s website.

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