FRINGE REVIEW – Andrew Lawrence, There Is No Escape


By A MacDonald

Those familiar with Andrew Lawrence will know his shtick- he’s the flame haired comedian with the squeaky voice and the bleak outlook on life.

All you need to know about the show is in the title- There Is No Escape. This hits the audience approximately 10 minutes in when the realisation hammers home that the happiest the show will get is Andrew relating the joyful tale of his graduation photo immortalising the bogey that was hanging out his nose that day. Those of an optimistic disposition should look away now.

Andrew Lawrence seems thoroughly unenthused with this year’s show, remarking on the plethora of 3 star reviews it’s received (the temptation was there- purely to give him more material!) and poor audience turn out. His anger and disappointment are what he does best, and uses these negatives to his advantage. Andrew interacts superbly with the audience, even though there are less than 50% of seats filled, and dishes out cutting observations with his acerbic wit.

At times he loses momentum and stumbles over his words. While this adds to the charm of this awkward, angry performer, it does hinder the prospect of gut wrenching belly laughs as he comes close to losing his audience and then needs to rebuild rapport.

A great show for laughs and a long hard look at just how rubbish life is in Andrew Lawrence’s eyes; this will appeal to anyone of a misanthropic nature who revels in the misery of life. Or should that read wallows?

On at Pleasance Courtyard- Pleasance One 22-25 August 8.50pm (9.50pm)

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