FRINGE REVIEW – Alex Williamson


By S Mulvihill

Alex Williamson’s comedic style relies almost solidly on a liberal use of the word c***. And the occasional s***. A ‘YouTube sensation’ (apparently he has over 28 million views on YouTube and 270,000 subscribers) he has a die-hard following, many of who appear to be present in the audience tonight. You can almost see why as the highlights of this show are the short films he punctuates his stand up routine with. However, to the uninitiated the humour can seem a bit puerile.

Fulfilling plenty of full-blooded Aussie male stereotypes, Williamson quips about masturbation, porn, prostitution and drug taking abundantly, but rather than being edgy and offensive it just seems a little immature, and there are undercurrents of misogyny throughout the show which are simply tedious. Anytime the material verges on something slightly controversial, like the allegations against Rolf Harris, Williamson falls quickly back into foul-mouthed banality and jokes about his mum. His delivery is very quick which means that sometimes the words can be lost through poor diction into the mic; more than once a punchline was lost into a mumbling ether. He also performs a couple of comic songs, showing some real talent on the keyboard, but there’s no real development of the characters he takes on to perform them and they feel shoe-horned into the act. We are treated to some photos from Williamson’s time in Los Angeles, but again they feel disjointed and more of a filler than anything else. There are a couple of funny moments which illicit a chuckle from the audience, but overall the laughs are a bit thin on the ground. You get the feeling that there is potential here, but Williamson is too used to three minute internet clips and hasn’t yet found the stamina for a full length stand-up show.

If you are a teenager or 20-something single man living at home with your parents, spending most of your free time alone in your room at a computer with a box of tissues handy, you will love this show. If you’re not you might want to give it a miss. Billed as an hour long show it runs for around 45 minutes, so you’ll maybe feel a bit short changed. There are a lot of comedians in Edinburgh at the moment, try a different one.

Gilded Balloon until 09/08/13 22:00

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