On the night before her wedding, a young woman keeps the spirits of her mother and faithful maidservants high by telling them one their favourite fairytales — a story of heaven-matched love, betrayal and tragedy: A Romance.

Modl Theatre have created a gentle and original take on storytelling here. Dressed in traditional costume, the almost entirely female company spark off each other in scenes of playful poignancy, trying to hide their sadness at the impending departure of their Mistress. A screen behind them is not only used to display English subtitles for the Korean dialogue, but also used to show video projections of delicate illustrative scenes from the story being told.

As the tale unfolds, the women get caught up in the romance, acting out and narrating the separate parts as it reaches its bittersweet climax. The effect is strong: collaborative storytelling woven into the narrative as seamlessly as the stitching on the mistress’ wedding dress.

As quietly affecting and moving as a dream, A Romance has little in the way of action or dynamic direction. With its subtle and delicate blend of story and visuals, however, it doesn’t need them.

A Romance is at C Venues at 14:05 until 26 Aug

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