Spectacular Jousting at Linlithgow Palace

Spectacular Jousting

One of the most colourful banners in Historic Scotland’s array of summer events, Spectacular Jousting at Linlithgow Palace was a thrilling and fun display of horsemanship, bravery and performance.

Set on the historic Peel in the shadow of the majestic Linlithgow Palace, the event had a carnival-like atmosphere as the sun shone down on the colourful tents, flags and the jousting field itself. Performed by The Knights of Old England, the main event saw a mix of staged hand-to-hand combat, comedy interludes and audience participation. All of this served as support to the undeniably impressive sight of heavily armoured knights galloping at each other on horseback with lances poised, aiming to unseat their opponents.

A large crowd, divided into supporters of either the red or the blue team, cheered as the knights impressed with their feats of skill and bravery. Between jousts at the tilt, the performers kept the crowd entertained with some barely-controlled mayhem, as they continuously fought and baited each other with some light-hearted but equally skillful swordplay.

Above the jousting field, events were also taking place within the historic walls of the palace: displays of medieval fashion, food and falconry, as well as the draw of being able to explore the palace complex itself, from the courtyard with its intricate and beautiful fountain, to the top of the tower with its panoramic views of Linlithgow Loch and the surrounding countryside.

Actors in period costume wandered the palace and the Peel, adding atmosphere to the scene. And whilst a few more food & refreshment options may have been appreciated by those queuing up for ice cream and hot dogs, the family-friendly event succeeded in keeping everyone entertained throughout.

Being only a short hop from Edinburgh by car or by train, Linlithgow Palace is well worth a visit at any time of year. And when it’s filled with the medieval colour and fun of Spectacular Jousting bringing the past to life, it’s a bit of history everyone will enjoy.


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