NEWS – Free Trams Brochure and T-shirt for every household in Edinburgh

Onboard with Edinburgh Trams

Onboard with Edinburgh Trams

We’ve followed the development of the Edinburgh Tram project with interest since the start: including the strong opinions it has stirred in the people of the city.

Tram bosses, it would appear, have also been listening. From tomorrow, deluxe 50-page souvenir brochures will be delivered to every council tax payer in Edinburgh, containing photos, illustrations and poems inspired by the ambitious transport project. A coupon will also be enclosed, entitling the bearer to a special trams t-shirt, absolutely free.

“It’s a way of saying ‘thank you’ to the people of Edinburgh,” says Robert Collingworth, spokesman for the project. “We’re aware many people have been slightly inconvenienced by the works going on in the city — but we’re sure this gesture of goodwill shall smooth over any potholes!”

We got a sneak preview of the striking t-shirt design this morning, included as part of the press release.

“We’re very proud of it,” says Collingworth. “We initially thought of running a competition with local schoolchildren, similar to how the Fringe poster is chosen. However, we wanted something far less amateur than that, so we were given permission to look further afield.”

The final design is the result of an 18-month project at London-based design agency Saatchi & Saatchi, which apparently cost several million pounds.

“We have no doubt that the Edinburgh Trams will become a much-loved feature,” says Collingworth, “in a similar vein to the London Eye or the Eiffel Tower: marvels of modern engineering which became symbolic of the city.”

“The design’s simplicity is its strength. The strong red, white and blue colours have been chosen to appeal to all people of Edinburgh, and the bold parallel lines not only represent the tramlines themselves, but are also intended to evoke modernist art and the design ethic of the Bauhaus — a nod to the German engineering firm behind the project.”

“And we believe the slogan will be on everyone’s lips before long!”

Edinburgh residents can look forward to receiving their tram brochures from tomorrow. Coupons can be exchanged for t-shirts in all city post offices and at the City Chambers.

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