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Established in 2011, Fronteiras Theatre Lab was set up to explore the boundaries — and the relationships — between cultures and identities through the medium of performance.

Founded in Edinburgh by Flavia D’Avila, Fronteiras quickly made their mark, with performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe showcasing an impressive offering of thought-provoking and insightful new writing.

This year, Flavia — now residing in her native country — created Fronteiras Explorers, a project which embodies the company’s ethos. A 3-week ‘research laboratory’ in Uruguay and Brazil, Fronteiras Explorers has brought together a group of diverse and talented individuals from Scotland and South America, with the aim of experiencing cultural effect and cross-fertilisation first-hand.

Due to come to an end on 28 April, the project has been a resounding success, with the group discovering insights into cultural differences and similarities through music, dance and theatre.

Winning their way into the hearts and minds of the locals they have encountered, the explorers have surprised & delighted many they have met: and — through immersing themselves in the melting pot of culture which transcends boundaries — have learned much about themselves too.

It is fascinating to consider that this innovative and unique project began as a spark of an idea in Flavia’s mind when she lived in Edinburgh. Now, ironically unable to return to her favourite city due to visa regulations, she should be proud of seeing her idea grow into such an affirming, positive reality.

She and her explorers have shown the heights the human spirit is capable of soaring to — heights high above any borders which may separate us.

You can read more about this fascinating project on the Fronteiras Explorers blog.

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