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DIARY – Bookshop appearances in May

Edinburgh’s bookshops are not just for browsing new titles, buying books and sipping coffee. As a capital city and one of the most literary places in the world, it’s not surprising Edinburgh attracts some of the top writers all year round, many of whom appear in store (and often for free), giving readings, signing books […]

FEATURE: Roy Gill and The Daemon Parallel

You could say that Edinburgh-born author Roy Gill sees the city through very different eyes. In his debut novel The Daemon Parallel, young hero Cameron becomes aware of a strange, ‘other’ Edinburgh which is populated with fantastic creatures, monsters and very different versions of the landmarks and places we all take for granted. After winning […]

FEATURE – Fronteiras Explorers

Established in 2011, Fronteiras Theatre Lab was set up to explore the boundaries — and the relationships — between cultures and identities through the medium of performance. Founded in Edinburgh by Flavia D’Avila, Fronteiras quickly made their mark, with performances at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe showcasing an impressive offering of thought-provoking and insightful new writing. […]

REVIEW – A Doll’s House, National Theatre of Scotland – Lyceum Theatre


Zinnie Harris’ adaptation of Ibsen’s A Doll’s House powerfully dismantles the one-dimensional facade of our public personas, opening hidden doors to reveal the passion, fears and dissatisfaction of the real lives beneath. Nora, on the surface, is the perfect politician’s wife: demure, attractive and loyal. Her husband Thomas views her as an essential part of […]

REVIEW – Scottish Opera, The Flying Dutchman, Edinburgh Festival Theatre


By Jen Mcgregor There is one very important reason why you must see Scottish Opera’s current production of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, and her name is Rachel Nicholls. Her voice is glorious, a rich dramatic sound with incredible sweetness. The opera is well sung throughout, but Nicholls’ Senta is a clear stand-out and her singing […]

FRINGE – If it’s your first time in Edinburgh in August, read on…

The Edinburgh Festival is a wonderful explosion of culture, colour and crowds which bursts over the city during August. You may be forgiven for thinking all you have to do is turn up with a pocketful of hopes and dreams and enjoy yourself. Whilst that is true to an extent, if you’ve never been to […]

REVIEW – Spectacles Outlet, Peffer Place, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Spotlight Recommended!

Spectacles Outlet now offer NHS eye tests as well as a great range of glasses Updated article – April 2013 Spectacles Outlet may seem a little off the beaten track to order your glasses in Edinburgh, but the prices are simply amazing. Quality is not compromised and customer service is great with no pressure to buy, […]

PHOTOWALK – Arthur’s Seat and Holyrood Park, Edinburgh

A walk up and around Arthur’s Seat is one of the best free things you can do in Edinburgh   We love Arthur’s Seat and have previously written about  a walk around the extinct volcano and also when it has been covered in snow. Although we regularly walk the circuit around Arthur’s Seat, we decided that in […]


REVIEW – Edinburgh City Sci-Quest, Science Festival

For our Edinburgh International Science Festival assignment today, our mini-Spotlight reporter enlisted the help of another intrepid friend and set out on an adventure using the Science Festival’s app “Edinburgh City Sci-Quest”.  You can set up an account by visiting the website for Edinburgh City Sci-Quest. There is an option to download the Android version of […]

PREVIEW – Historical Fiction Festival, 12-15 April

Until time travel is invented, probably the best way to experience the atmosphere of days long gone is by immersing yourself in a work of historical fiction. Whether whisking you back to accompany intrepid Victorian explorers hacking their way through the jungle; stand shoulder to shoulder with men of forgotten wars; or even find out […]