PREVIEW – Death Row Diva, Summerhall, 22 & 23 March

Crimson Skye - Death Row Diva

Crimson Skye - Death Row Diva

Whilst Patsy Cline was crazy for trying, fellow Southern belle Crimson Skye’s craziness for killing takes a rather more psychopathic — but fortunately comic — turn in Death Row Diva, a one-woman cabaret monologue running at Summerhall on 22 and 23 March.

With only the severed head of partner Ed for company, Crimson Skye promises to take the audience on a journey of redemption they are unlikely to forget. Set in her very own private and cosy death chamber, Death Row Diva not only provides a glimpse into the tortured mind of the murderous Crimson, but also — via some clever writing, singing and performance — begins to peel back the layers of modern obsessions with salacious gossip and voyeurism, resulting in a dark and clever parody.

Appropriately taking place in the old autopsy lecture theatre of Summerhall, Death Row Diva will take you to dark places you never dared imagine: and give you an entertaining jolt of electrifying entertainment into the bargain.

Death Row Diva is at Summerhall on 22 & 23 March at 8pm. Ticket details are available on the Summerhall website.

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