FEATURE – Vikings! at the National Museum of Scotland


Vikings! is the latest major exhibition to take place at the National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street.

Aiming to bust some of the myths surrounding the feared and fabled Norsemen, the exhibition presents over 500 objects which shine across the centuries to shed light on the real lives of this often misunderstood people.

The exhibits – many of which are on loan from the Swedish History Museum – therefore include beautiful and intricate items of jewellery, fascinating pieces of religious significance, and a host of more ordinary items which the Norse used in everyday life.

Of course, the fearsome weapons and armour are also present: but only represent a part of the whole story. The Vikings’ prowess as shipbuilders and seafarers is examined through some innovative and informative exhibits; and the significant role that women played in ancient Norse society is also highlighted.

With a number of interesting and fun interactive displays in addition to the treasures on show, the exhibition succeeds in bringing the Vikings vividly to life: revealing a multi-layered people who deserve to be remembered for much more than warfare and pillage.

Vikings! runs until 12 May, and is supported by a series of events for adults, families and children. More details are on the National Museum of Scotland website.


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