CHRISTMAS REVIEW – The Lost Elves on Rose Street (interactive trail)

On until 24th December

A free trail for children of all ages in Rose Street this Christmas

We took a mini-spotlight member up town on Saturday to take part in Edinburgh’s Christmas – ‘The Lost Elves on Rose Street‘.

It’s free to take part and is on every day from 11am – 5pm until the 24th Deember.

The trail starts at the west end of Rose Street, behind the Roxburghe Hotel where Santa’s Chief Elf  ‘Himself’ and Snow Fairy Sparkle have a sheet of clues to help you find Santa’s lost elves in time for Christmas.

Armed with a sheet of paper with a map and Rose Street shops, we were off within minutes!

The shops are marked well on the trail map, which is handy as they have been mixed up into anagrams of their name, some which even we couldn’t recognise at first.

Once you have worked out the shop from the anagram, you need to look in their window display and count the ‘Christmas characters’ on display. Some are obvious, but some are hidden inside the shop, which caused much excitement to the younger of us as she tried to spot it.

The staff in the Rose Street shops were generally very helpful and delighted to see lots of kids trying to spy the Christmas characters!

We were left writing down the vital numbers and names, whilst the mini-member bounced from one side of Rose Street to the other. She declared ‘I totally love things like this’.

The trail ends at Jenners, where you need to look near their Christmas tree for the final soft toys.

These are what you're looking for. There will be between one and five of them.

You then tally all the numbers together and return to the start and claim your prize for taking part, which is an elf hat and a bag of ‘magic dust’.

Staff are in costume and interact well with the children taking part.

It took us around an hour to complete the trail, but we were distracted with a bit of shopping along the way. Definitely worth doing in Edinburgh this Christmas!

The start of the trail at the west end of Rose Street

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