FEATURE – Glistening Light by Jamie Primrose, Dundas Street Gallery

Glistening Light by Jamie Primrose

Glistening Light by Jamie Primrose

Edinburgh artist Jamie Primrose is renowned for his dramatic and atmospheric oils of the city in which he lives, depicting expansive skies and the interplay of light on familiar scenes such as Inverleith Park, The Botanics and the Water of Leith.

Glistening Light shines further afield however, realising a two-year vision of Primrose’s to record the clarity and beauty of the tones of the south of France. From the sparkling crystal-clear azures of the coast, to the subtle ochres and golds of the fields of Provence: Primrose proves he is able to capture the light wherever it falls.

Contrasted with these paintings are a series of smaller oils depicting London and Venice. Here, the cities are depicted as dark, sleeping silhouettes beneath brooding skies, reflected on the waters which define the locations. Added to these are a smaller number of previous oils of Edinburgh, rounding off a collection which shows the artist’s skill at evoking the atmosphere of time, place and mood.

Primrose will return next year with a larger exhibition to mark the 10th anniversary of him returning to his Edinburgh home. In the meantime, Glistening Light is a welcome opportunity to witness his glowing and shimmering canvases first hand.

Glistening Light is on show at the Dundas St Gallery until 10 November.

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