FEATURE – Edinburgh’s Christmas Light Night

Edinburgh's Christmas - Light Night

Although temperatures were low, festive spirits were high after a magical and impressive Light Night, the official start of Edinburgh’s Christmas.

Fittingly, the evening began with a stunning sunset and ended with an equally impressive moonrise – we’re not quite sure how Edinburgh’s Christmas managed to organise that!

In between, lights sparkled in East Princes Street Gardens as the funfair, Highland Village and German Traditional Market opened for business.

Then, As 5pm approached, a huge crowd assembled on the Mound to witness a fun and magical sound and light show which culminated in Edinburgh’s famous Christmas Tree being lit.

A giant puppet Santa climbed up the Mound, followed by a little girl and her teddy bear pillow fighting on their bed. Then, as the child finally fell asleep with her head full of festive thoughts, the spectacular Christmas Dream Machine clunked into action. Elves delivered presents as the child floated through the air; fireworks lit up the night sky; and finally the Norwegian Christmas Tree lights were lit, followed by a firework display from Edinburgh Castle.

As the crowds descended to the attractions in the Gardens and a party in St Andrew Square, they were left in no doubt: Edinburgh’s Christmas has well and truly begun!

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