COMPETITION – Win tickets to Tightlaced Theatre’s new double bill and ‘Tea with Madeleine’

Win tea with Madeleine

Edinburgh Spotlight has teamed up with Tightlaced Theatre to offer one of our readers an exclusive and intimate theatrical experience for two –  Tea with Madeleine, in connection with the theatre company’s double bill of new writing at the Scottish Storytelling Centre from 7-10 November, I Promise I Shall Not Play Billiards and Charlie & My ’45.

I Promise I Shall Not Play Billiards, written by Fiona McDonald and part of Tightlaced Theatre’s Scandalous Scots season for 2012/3, takes its inspiration from the true story of Victorian Scotland’s ‘trial of the century’.

It’s 1857 and Madeleine Smith has just stood trial for her life, accused of poisoning her lover. Given the uniquely Scottish verdict of ‘not proven’ she is free from prison – but not from suspicion. Madeleine’s public and private personae gather to tell their stories, leaving the audience to reach their own conclusions about her innocence, or guilt.


In addition to receiving a pair of tickets to Tightlaced Theatre’s double bill, the winner and a guest will have the chance to join the notorious Miss Smith, the charming Mimi, the glamorous Lena and the inscrutable Madeleine for tea, cakes and an interactive performance at 6pm on Saturday 10 November. Will you succeed where so many have failed, and learn the truth about Madeleine?

To enter, just answer this question:

What kind of poison was Madeleine accused of using to kill her lover?

a) Arsenic

b) Belladonna

c) Cyanide

Please email your answer to before Wednesday 7th November at 5pm. The winner will be notified immediately after.

To book tickets for Tightlaced Theatre’s double bill, call the Scottish Storytelling Centre box office on 0131 556 9579.

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