CHRISTMAS REVIEW – The Edinburgh Wheel 2012

If you venture into town over the next few weeks, you’ll be hard pushed to miss the Edinburgh Wheel beside the Scott Monument. During the day it sparkles in the sunshine and at night, it lights up.

We paid a visit to East Princes Street Gardens this morning and took our first 2012 ride on the wheel.

The wheel next to the Scott Monument

At £4.50 per adult (£3.50 for a child under 1.1 metres) it’s not cheap. There are no family tickets available. We went on the ride first thing in the morning and it was very quiet, therefore no ‘loading’ time for us to be able to take photos when the wheel was stopped.

Your first view as you go up in the wheel is to Princes Street and over Jenners.

Shadows of the wheel and the Scott Monument on the Jenners building

As you reach the top of the ride, Edinburgh Castle and a magnificent outlook over the National Galleries and The Mound comes into view.

At the top of the wheel, looking west

As you descend, you can see the rest of Edinburgh’s Christmas below, including the Ice Rink and the Carousel.

The Ice Rink

Looking down onto the Christmas Carousel

Our ride only lasted 3 full rotations of the wheel, but there was no-one else on it. Normally, you stop-start as the wheel gets loaded and unloaded so are on it for longer. It is very cold on the wheel, so make sure you wrap up warm and be prepared for the wheel stopping at its highest point as people get off at the bottom.

The wheel is worth going on in the dark to see the Edinburgh’s Christmas lights from up high.

Opening Hours

Thursday – Saturday: 10am – 10pm
Sunday – Wednesday: 10am – 8pm
Christmas Eve: 10am – 8pm
Christmas Day: CLOSED
Boxing Day: 11am – 8pm
New Years Eve: 10am – 6pm
New Years Day: 12pm – 8pm
Final Day (6th Jan): 10am – 8pm

View from the Ice Rink

View from the Ice Rink

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