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Impressive delivery service

Sisters pop-up with cake delivery service in Edinburgh

I can’t even remember how I discovered Sweet Trinity but my dreams of a local cake delivery service have come true, albeit a temporary one.

Popping up 6th – 18th August 2012 and delivering to the EH3, EH5 and EH6 areas of Edinburgh you can order online or over the phone from a good selection of sweet treats at very reasonable prices.

On Sunday I submitted my order opted for the large selection box of treats, specifying that I didn’t like cupcakes or coffee cake that was on their menu, but would happily take a mixture of anything else.

I immediately got an email confirming my order and my chosen time slot and what my total price would be – a bargain at £6.

This morning (Tuesday) I got an email saying they were on their way and it was well within my 3 hour time slot. I answered my intercom and heard “it’s Evie from Sweet Trinity” and as she came to the door, I was amazed to see that a young girl was behind this excellent pop-up business.

I asked her if she made the stuff herself and she confirmed that she did, along with her sister. Could it get any cuter?

I paid my money to Evie and couldn’t help but give a wee tip.

As I’ve typed this up, I’ve already munched my way through a delicious frangipane tart (still warm) and an amazing chocolate brownie.

My large selection box

As I finish off this review, I’m nibbling on a corner of the caramel shortbread and it has to be one of the best I’ve ever tasted. These girls can bake!

I’ve still to try the lemon drizzle cake, the chocolate chip cookie and gingerbread, but am confident that they’ll be great quality as well.

Reading their website tells me this is their second year of delivering cakes and this year they’re donating a percentage of their profits to the charity  ‘Tailor Ed Foundation’.

Sweet Trinity branding

You can order whole cakes, add packaging and wrapping and pay for Saturday delivery.

We can’t really fault Sweet Trinity and we’ll be ordering again.

Don’t delay in making in order, these girls are only around until the 18th August.


From their website:

Sweet Trinity bakes delicious cakes to order and delivers them the next day. We also provide a unique gift service and can cater for gluten or dairy free diets – more information is available upon request.

Sweet Trinity cakes are available during the Festival: 6th to 18th August. We only deliver to EH3, EH5, EH6.

Delivery is FREE for orders of £5 or more.

Order now by calling 08000 687 221 or writing to

You can visit their website and like their Facebook page.

Rough delivery area (taken from their website)

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