REVIEW – Going Nowhere, The Nature Boys


Going places - The Nature Boys

Gatecrashing their way back into the Edinburgh scene, here come everyone’s favourite capital punksters, The Nature Boys.

In the past, the band have never quite managed to nail the shambolic chaos of their legendary live gigs on record. Here, for perhaps the first time, they prove they are capable of just as much filth and bristling fury in the studio as they are on stage.

Production emphasises the thrashing urgency of the melody, with chords shooting forth like heat-seeking missiles. And soft, what sound through yonder speakers break? Could it be that Cammy is actually a damn fine singer here as well as a manically unhinged punk poet?

The track is classic 3-minute 3-chord nihilistic punk energy. And rather than going nowhere, on the strength of this short sharp adrenaline shot in the arm, The Nature Boys deserve to go far.

The Nature Boys will be launching Going Nowhere on Sat 25th at 8pm, at a gig at Cruz Bar in Leith, supported by The Begbies and Jack Rowberry. So hoist the mainsail and splice the mainbrace and get yourself on board.

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