FRINGE REVIEW – A Little Perspective, Imaan


By Susanna Mulvihill

Imaan is short – a self titled “Migga”, in fact. This makes him noticeable. Unfortunately, many people in the world are quite ignorant. A Little Perspective is Imaan’s chance to educate the uninitiated: everyone has politically incorrect thoughts, but you don’t have to articulate them. Armed with a hidden camera he took to the streets of his native Melbourne to film the idiotic attitudes of some of the people there and has brought the results to Edinburgh. In this show Imaan intersperses these short clips with a slick, smart and dirty stand-up routine that has his audience hooting with laughter.

The really clever thing about this show is that Imaan plays on the political correctness of his audience. Is it alright to laugh at racist jokes because they’re being told by someone who looks a bit different? How about religion? What about filthy, sexist sexual jokes? Armed with a microphone Imaan turns the tables on how he is regularly treated by random members of the public. He’s been doing stand-up comedy since he was 15 and is totally at ease on stage. He is a very, very funny (fully grown) man. Some of his jokes maybe go over the heads of the assembled gathering, but that is probably more to do with the late time slot and blood-alcohol level of the audience. At times you are despairing at the things some people have said to him, at others worried how these people manage to dress themselves in the morning. Questions like “Are your mother and father full sized humans?” are posed, women call him “cute” and at one point Imaan demonstrates how his comedy stops violence. No topic is out of bounds and some of the men in the audience probably end up envying his view. All in all a great wee (sorry Imaan) late night comedy show – just don’t try to pick him up.

Gilded Balloon, Until 27th 00:00 (1hr)

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