FRINGE REVIEW – The Colour Ham, Just the Tonic


What are the chances of finding a magician, a mentalist and an amateur Morris dancing comedian all in the same room? Ordinarily, your chances would be fairly slim, but during the Fringe you can find all three at The Caves, ready and waiting to make you laugh.

Under the guise of The Colour Ham, Colin McLeod, Kevin McMahon and Gavin Oattes delivered a highly entertaining hour of magic-fuelled comedy to a rapturous crowd. McLeod had the audience transfixed with his mind reading skills, not to mention his ability to entirely hypnotise a member of the audience.

McMahon showed the audience what he could really do with magic – many spectators wore the token ‘how did he do that?’ look on their faces as he pulled tricks from his hat. A great compliment to McLeod’s psychological take on magic, the two performers looked at ease on the stage, and responded well to the crowd.

Completing the trio, comedian Oattes supplied the comedy throughout. His interaction with McLeod and McMahon whilst they were charming the audience with their magic, created a unique comedic experience.

On paper, it’s a formula that  shouldn’t work but it  really does. These three talented artists have great chemistry on stage and certainly know how to put on a show.

Judging by the audience reaction and their chatter as they filed out, it’s clear that The Colour Ham is a thoroughly enjoyable way to spend an hour.

The Colour Ham is on daily at 9.15pm until 12th August at Just the Tonic at The Caves.

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