FRINGE REVIEW – Love Letters To The Public Transport System, National Theatre of Scotland


Molly Taylor’s heartfelt and ultimately uplifting one-hander shines a headlight on the seemingly insignificant – the everyday acts which some may view as mundane; but to others can take on resonance of heroic proportions.

What circumstances brought you to this point in your life? A trail of decisions, coincidences, chance meetings and synchronicity? And, as Taylor rather sweetly points out, an uncelebrated line of ‘public servants’ who transported you there.

Her tale of love lost, regained and lost once more is honest and raw: and through her storytelling skill and bright-eyed honesty, Taylor deftly avoids pulling in at any over-sentimental stops, allowing the audience to join her onboard her story as it travels from bleak despair to optimistic hope.

Instead, she spins a well-crafted web of a story where the strands are the relationships – however brief and anonymous – which bind us all together and make us who we are: fellow passengers on the journey of life.

Love Letters To The Public Transport System is at the Assembly Rooms until 26 Aug at 1815. More details are on the Fringe website.

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