FRINGE REVIEW – Josh Widdicombe: The Further Adventures Of….


A familiar face from Mock the Week, 8 out of 10 cats and Live at the Apollo, Josh Widdicombe has made it onto many a comedy lover’s radar in recent years, as his individual brand of observational comedy has repeatedly hit the mark.

Commonly regarded as one of the best up-and-coming acts on the UK comedy circuit, Widdicombe proved his worth with his show, The Further Adventures Of…, which highlighted the young comedian’s quick wit and intelligent anecdotes. His rapport with the audience was excellent, as he involved them from beginning to end, adding a further dimension to the show.

Widdicombe’s ability to find the comedy in the most mundane of day-to-day tasks will have you doubled over with laughter. He delivered his hour-long set, peppered with highly amusing tangents about the stresses of life, with confidence. His ability to interact with the audience regularly throughout demonstrated that Widdicombe’s comedy hadn’t been over-rehearsed, and he could, when the opportunity presented itself, take the evening in a different direction.

Witty comedy with a generous helping of nostalgia,  it’s well worth supporting this comedian on his rise to the top.

7-26 August (except 23rd), 7pm (1 hr) at The Pleasance.

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