FRINGE REVIEW: Frisky & Mannish: Extra-Curricular Activities, Assembly Hall


Over the last three years, Frisky & Mannish have led us by the hand through school, college and employment. This year, they are back for a limited run at Assembly Hall with what amounts to a ‘greatest hits’ package, pulling sparkling pop nuggets from their rich vein of material.

And a great show is what we get. This pair are born performers, demonstrating within a couple of minutes of storming on stage why they are the original and by far the best on the cabaret musical mashup scene. Having graduated themselves from their first tentative Fringe steps, Frisky & Mannish own the Assembly Hall, having the sell-out crowd in the palms of their hands from the start with their playful parodying of the pop music scene.

Kate Bush in the style of Kate Nash; Lana Del Rey and her mysterious musical mentor; a medley of love songs delivered in psychotic stalker style: Frisky & Mannish’s routines are clever, funny and spot-on in terms of impersonation. You may be at a slight disadvantage if you’re not as immersed in pop music as they are, but you can still revel in the performance even if some of the references pop over your head.

After this show mostly consisting of a reprise of their past material, it will be good to see what the pair go on to do next. However, on the basis of their back catalogue alone, Frisky and Mannish are unlikely to be dislodged from their deserved place at the top of the charts.

Frisky & Mannish: Extra-Curricular Activities is at Assembly Hall until 26 Aug at 1930. More details are available on the Fringe website.

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