FRINGE REVIEW – Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure


By Jen McGregor

Boris and Sergey are amazing. You should get tickets if you possibly can. This could be quite a short review, because words are inadequate to describe the ingenuity and hilarity of this show – but bear with me, I’ll try…

These ‘Balkan bad boys’ are a pair of diminutive puppets. They don’t have faces, they stand at about knee-height and they don’t appear to belong to any known branch of the animal kingdom, but they have a ton of personality, ego and swagger. Each is operated by three puppeteers, bringing them to vivid, foul-mouthed life with a dazzling combination of high energy and perfect precision of movement.

While the puppeteers might know exactly what they’re doing, Boris and Sergey certainly don’t. They bounce from celebrity impressions to song and dance routines to poker to action sequences like whirling dervishes on speed. There’s almost no plot, but that’s all right – Boris and Sergey know that their set pieces are as loosely connected as their limbs. They don’t care, and you won’t either as you get caught up in their swindles and squabbles.

Although the characters and their world are chaotic, the show is tightly crafted and jam-packed with truly inspired moments. There’s no reliance on high tech elements or fancy props, just good old-fashioned skill and imagination with a healthy dose of filth and bad language. This is the kind of theatre that makes the Fringe great.

So yes, see this show. Don’t take the kids. They’ll pick up vocabulary you might not want them to have, and Boris and Sergey will probably steal them and sell them.

Boris & Sergey’s Vaudevillian Adventure runs at Pleasance Courtyard from 1 – 27 August at 23.00 (1 hour)

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