FRINGE REVIEW – Aunty Myra’s Fun Show, Voodoo Rooms

Are we having fun yet? Aunty Myra's Fun Show

Are we having fun yet? Aunty Myra's Fun Show

Rotherham’s finest export since Jive Bunny, Aunty Myra is a children’s entertainer without equal.


The conceit of Myra Dubois’ enjoyably caustic hour at the Voodoo Rooms is that she has realised the best way to get regular work is to establish herself as ‘Aunty Myra’ and perform for children’s parties. And whilst her acerbic drag and magic act may not be every parent’s idea of suitable entertainment for their little darlings, it has the adult audience in stitches.

Everything is in the delivery. Aunty Myra is a formidable besequinned figure, her wig and makeup barely hiding a simmering cauldron of misanthropy and disgust. Each final flourish of her magic tricks is followed by her tossing away the props scornfully, before she makes another acid quip aimed at whoever in the audience has been chosen as the birthday boy or girl.

Joined onstage by the world’s scariest ventriloquist dummy, Edward (“he’s had his vocal chords severed in a terrible accident”), Myra proceeds to present her unique brand of entertainment for an hour, switching with ease between song, tricks and – where she shines brightest – acerbic asides and putdowns.

The show has a ramshackle feel, though this suits the gloriously disinterested character which Myra Dubois has created. There are a couple of segments where things feel a little overlong (the audience pass-the-parcel game in particular), but for most of the show, Aunty Myra is on marvellously bitter form.

So head on down to the Voodoo Rooms and join in all the fun and games of Aunty Myra’s Fun Show. Just remember to leave the kids safely at home.

Aunty Myra’s Fun Show runs at the Voodoo Rooms until 26 Aug at 2245. Ticket details are available on the Fringe website.

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