FRINGE REVIEW – Hedluv and Passman: Two Cornish Rappers and a Casiotone


By Susanna Mulvihill

Hedluv and Passman are Doin’ It Dreckly. And, my word, they are doing it well. They keep asking where they are throughout their set and most of the audience are bemusedly wondering the same thing. This Cornish duo are a magical compliment to each other: rapping and singing together while Passman is giving the Duracell bunny a run for his money dancing around the stage and Hedluv is bopping in more understated way wearing a red bobble hat.

The first thing to strike the audience is the skill with which this pair manage to wring every speck of musicality from their Casiotone keyboard. Combine that with an ipod nano and a drum machine and the result is pure genius. The total lack of self-consciousness displayed by the two throughout the hour long show, aided by a few surreal, yet wonderfully placed, costumes, mean they are in the driving seat and the audience has to take a deep breath and go along with the ride. In between the songs there is minimal dialogue, grabbing humour from awkward silences in a way Ricky Gervais can only dream of, while they bumble around the stage. In fact, it’s hard to tell when the show starts or ends from the slightly uncomfortable lingering manner in which Hedluv and Passman hang around. From an ode to smoking to throat singing the organic feeling to the whole act means the audience barely notices an hour has gone by and leaves laughing hysterically in disbelief at what feels like a giant shared hallucination. Passman looks a bit like a ginger Freddie Mercury and the energy expended by this man is seldom seen on any stage, even that of Cirque du Soleil. On occasion it’s hard to understand what they’re mumbling into the microphone but this somehow adds to the comedy value of the whole evening.

Tonight the audience is small, only around 12 strong, but that didn’t mean they scrimped on the enthusiasm they put into the performance. They have everyone dancing in the aisles (as promised in their blurb in the Fringe programme) and the expressionist dancing displayed by Passman means no one worries about what they look like, only that they might miss some lyrics. They have played birthday parties before but this is their Fringe debut and is something truly special. They are incomparable to any other act I have seen. They are weird, wonderful, and make you wish you could go dancing with them.

Gilded Balloon until 27th (not 14th) 00.30 (1hr)

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