FRINGE REVIEW – Flamenco For Kids, Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco Flow


By Susanna Mulvihill

Ricardo Garcia’s Flamenco for Kids is a fun introduction to the style and music of Flamenco dance for children. With two dancers, Ida and Javí, to aid him, the virtuoso guitarist brings an interactive and enjoyable 0 minute workshop where everyone is invited to be part of the performance. After a brief introductory Flamenco display by the trio, the children are invited onto the stage to be taught a routine themselves (some can’t wait and are already dancing in the aisles themselves). Costumes are provided – polka dot tiered dresses for the girls, hats and neckerchiefs for the boys, and there is absolutely no pressure on the kids to join in if they do want to. It’s all about having fun and giving it a go.

First up Ricardo explains the two different clapping styles: the first a cupped mute and the second a harder flat palmed. Then the really fun part – the foot stamping. It’s not often kids get away with banging their feet on the floor loudly and this is a really great opportunity for them to be allowed to make some noise. Then the children are shown how to move their hands and arms, then voila! They know a whole routine which they perform for the parents still sitting in the audience. After our junior performers the professionals give us a short routine to some fantastic hip-hop/flamenco music composed by Garcia. Then it’s time to go, with children dancing out the door.

This show would be suitable for kids of all ages. Today the range was approximately from and a half to years old but older kids would get a lot out of it too. It’s not too long so younger audience members don’t get bored and fidgety by the end. The afternoon has a lovely relaxed and inclusive feel about it and if you’re looking for something a bit different to do with restless children this August this show is a must.

What the kids say: It was really good. I liked watching the dancers and I loved that I got to dance too – especially the stamping. The guitar has some really good tricks and the music was lively and fun.

C ECA until 27th (not 14th)  13.15 (50mins)

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