REVIEW – Michael Neto, Up Close


Magic Festival

By Chiara Pannozzo

Allowing people to see things up close invites scrutiny. For you to walk away unscathed, what you have on show needs to be faultless, with an ability to mesmerise. This was exactly what Michael Neto did tonight, in his jaw-dropping show, Up Close.

With nowhere to hide, Michael took the audience through 50 minutes of pure skill. From the first trick, the eager spectators were dumbfounded by the sophisticated magic on show. An array of tricks involving cards, coins and all manner of other materials, showed Michael to be transferrable across the various fields of magic.

Even though Michael’s art could not be much closer to the awestruck crowd, using members of the audience to support some of his tricks only served to heighten the experience. All of his magic tricks were original, further adding to the mutter of ‘how did he do that?’ which echoed throughout the evening.

A highlight, was a trick involving coins, a glass and a table – all solid objects that shouldn’t be able to move through one another. Ask Michael this question, and he will happily disprove this, and show you that, in fact, the opposite can be done. With a little bit of magic of course.

Regardless of a passion for the world of magic and illusion, this show is a must see. It leaves you with a series of questions that are impossible to answer, and a sense that you should spread the word about this fantastic show, performed by a truly talented magician.

You can catch Up Close at The Vault until 06 July –

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