FRINGE PREVIEW – Dracula, Think Outside The Box Theatre

Dracula, Think Outside The Box Theatre

Dracula, Think Outside The Box Theatre

Think Outside The Box are promising to deliver an immersive, unsettling and original staging of Dracula at this year’s Fringe.

All cast, crew and performers of Think Outside The Box are past graduates of Edinburgh’s Telford College, and they are bringing Dracula to the college’s brand new PASS Theatre space at Granton. With ample room and technical facilities, the venue will allow them to bring their dark and terrifying vision to life: one that audiences are unlikely to forget.

After having passed through quarantine and having been stripped off their belongings, audience members will find themselves strapped into chairs alongside the insane and caged Renfield, constantly screaming for her master. Van Helsing himself will then arrive, aiming to piece together evidence and clues which will lead to the discovery and capture of Dracula himself.

Promising to plunge the audience into the blood-pumping heart of the action and with a dark and sexual vision close to that of Stoker’s original, Dracula sounds as though it will be as far removed from some of the more traditional Fringe shows as its venue is from the more familiar hub of the action.

And for those with courage enough to face their fears, it sounds like it could be an unforgettable experience.

Dracula runs at PASS Theatre from 21-25 Aug; 1800-1945. Tickets are available on the Fringe website.

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