ART: Transient Skies by Jamie Primrose, Dundas St Gallery

Transient Skies by Jamie Primrose

Transient Skies by Jamie Primrose

Since returning to his Edinburgh home almost ten years ago, Jamie Primrose has demonstrated a consistent and skillful knack of depicting the city at its best. Specialising in broad expansive skies above silhouetted skylines, Primrose highlights the austere beauty of Edinburgh, shining light on the natural features in its midst.

Transient Skies is his latest show at the Dundas St Gallery, and is a collection of oils almost exclusively focusing on his signature skies. Taking advantage of viewpoints atop Blackford Hill and Arthur’s Seat, the canvases show a city which often appears to be asleep beneath the subtly-coloured and rendered sunsets and sunrises.

Coupled with these are smaller pieces centred around other areas of natural beauty, such as the Botanics or the Meadows, where Primrose demonstrates a more impressionistic flair in evoking the light shining through autumn branches, or reflecting from the city’s lochs and waterways.

Primrose’s work has an immediate appeal and the impact of the self-curated collection is strong, taking the viewer on a journey around some of the city’s most beautiful spots. Each piece also stands on its own however, and captures an alluring – and indeed transient – moment of the city’s natural pulse.

Transient Skies is on show at The Dundas St Gallery until 23 June.

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