ART: Home and Abroad by Joe Broadley HPAI and Gaye Broadley, Bon Papillon

Joe Broadley HPAI

One of the benefits of looking at a painting is the revelation of the artist’s unique viewpoint and vision; seeing the world through another’s eyes and imagination.

With a summer that has so far been typified by shades of grey, a palette of ice-cream colours is a joy to behold; pictorial escapism at its finest.

Joe Broadley HPAI, now showing his new work at Bon Papillon alongside his wife Gaye, transports the viewer from the drenched streets to a tranquil and timeless place, irrespective of location. White-washed cottages and churches in Mallorca and Malta are depicted in perfect tonality with a palette reminiscent of Peploe and the Colourists; lilac grey shadows beckoning under palms. Venice glows in humid pinks and baked terracotta, the palazzi and canals caught in calm repose; no figures break the illusion of perfect stillness.

Gaye also depicts Venice in her lively silk paintings, the natural fluidity of the medium capturing the delicate patterns of light moving over the architecture.

Both artists also include their translation of the landscape closer to home. Joe ably tackles some ‘staples’ of the Scottish landscape; the light shifting across the land between showers and catching lighthouse, steeple and chimney against steely skies, again with pitch perfect shades and tonality. Gaye’s eye picks out the patterns of the Georgian townhouses, red rooftops in Fife and the interplay of fishing vessels on rippling water.

There is an instinctive harmony in the work of two artists used to each other’s company and style; a rare balance where discord can often result from the competition.

A small oasis of calm well worth seeking out in the increasingly frenetic summer city.

Home and Abroad will be showing until 26th July at Bon Papillon, 15 Howe Street, with the gallery closed midway for a five day summer break, 8th – 12th July.
Open 9am – 5pm every day except Tuesday.

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