PHOTO – Our Nation’s Sons ‘hoody’ art, Edinburgh

There have been some additions to the walls of Edinburgh in the last couple of days. Edinburgh College of Art student Joe Caslin is behind the Our Nation’s Son’s art project which will see six pieces of work appear around the capital over the next week or so.

Caslin was involved in last year’s Inside out art project.

Update 17th April – 11pm We’ve just heard from the artist who was fresh back from installing the third piece of art this evening. He’s excited that there’s so much buzz around town for his project. Caslin also confirmed that they are due to stay up until the end of the Edinburgh Festival but it is all dependent on the weather. It’s hoped that they will last 4-6 months in the Edinburgh climate.

Update 29th April – The last piece went up overnight, completing the installation. If you walk from the start of the Cowgate towards Holyrood Road and keep your eyes peeled to the left, to the right and upwards, you’ll come across all six. Alternatively, look at the location of each photo in the captions below.

First piece - Cowgate (also visible from George IV Bridge)

Second piece - Guthrie Street

Third piece - Robertson's Close

Fourth piece - Holyrood Road

Fifth piece - under George IV Bridge

The sixth piece - opposite #4 in Holyrood Road

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