REVIEW – New Beginnings by Smoothiesforme

Smoothiesforme - New Beginnings

Smoothiesforme - New Beginnings

Smoothiesforme is a talented 17 year-old singer songwriter from Edinburgh. In 2010, she made it through to the finals of The Forth One To Watch Awards, and her self-penned and produced songs have gone on to win her acclaim and fans alike.

New Beginnings is a free-to-download EP, serving as a taster for her full Road To Happiness album – but also as an appetising product in its own right.

Smoothiesforme’s vocals have a vulnerable delicacy to them; a breathiness and tremulous quality which is both distinctive and mature. This is ably demonstrated on EP opener Forbidden, a deep and enveloping production spun with plucked arpeggio guitar wrapped warmly in sweeping strings, creating a subtle track which swells and ebbs like the ocean on a moonlit night.

There is a road to happiness, we just haven’t found it yet,” she sings, summing up the melancholic lyrical themes on offer on New Beginnings: tales of love lost all too quickly, yet with a sense of optimism and self-belief driving them forward.

Will This Ever End? Is poppier and more upbeat, featuring a keyboard refrain which shoots through the track, giving it an energy and mood completely different to Forbidden. Smoothiesforme’s vocal delivery is the same however: understated and fragile, yet with an undertone of strength which results in a unique and compelling whole. An ambient remix of the song is also included, giving the original much more space to move, like a dancer alone in an empty ballroom just after midnight.

Like A Fool is perhaps the standout track on offer here: with its haunting guitar and moody, claustrophobic production, it begins in atmospheric style before slipping into a shuffling rhythm as it builds in intensity like a slow-burning flame. By the end, only the ashes of Like A Fool are left, but its powerful imprint remains, seared into your memory.

Into His Arms wears its beautiful melancholic heart on its sleeve, the guitar and strings underscoring a mesmerising song of broken-hearted loss and betrayal.

You are nothing without me,” she sings on the final song Wreckage, which sums up this talented singer’s attitude perfectly: a new, independent voice which will make you sit up and take notice with its confidence and strength as much as for its youth.

Smoothiesforme is most definitely One To Watch: but above all, one to listen to and follow as she journeys from these new beginnings into a future which looks set to be bright for her indeed.

You can keep up with Smoothiesforme’s news and latest songs on her Facebook page and YouTube channel. Road To Happiness is available to download now.

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