REVIEW – Acoustic #1 by Titus Pullo


Acoustic #1 by Titus Pullo

Acoustic #1 by Titus Pullo

Acoustic #1 is the debut release from Titus Pullo, a new collaborative music act spearheaded by Edinburgh singer / songwriter Craig Robson.

The name of the EP’s a bit of a giveaway: Titus Pullo present four gently romantic acoustic numbers, with Robson’s distinctive sugar-coated sandpaper vocals giving them the feel of ripped up love letters pieced back together with tape.

Live By The Sword is a standout, with acoustic guitar, piano and strings embracing each other warmly in an emotional and affecting number. “You don’t have to make it alone,” sings Robson, and the song’s melancholic theme of undying devotion packs quite a punch: and ably demonstrates Robson’s considerable songwriting skills.

Pieces of Me follows a similar musical path, yet this time one walked by a spurned lover. And by the time the spine-tingling chorus has played for a third time, the song has lodged inside somewhere between your heart and the pit of your stomach.

Whilst it’s difficult to imagine the first two songs delivered other than acoustically, the more upbeat So Wonderful sounds as though it could stand its ground fully amped rather than unplugged; though the strums and picks of the acoustic treatment and the female backing harmonies give it a shine which still appeals.

In another example of appropriate naming, the EP closes with The End, a slow burner which adds in the strings, keys and harmonies as it progresses, with Richard Beeby and Garry Boyle’s understated production & mixing helping it build into a musical swell capable of sweeping you away.

Titus Pullo make music which will appeal to the romantic in anyone. Lush strings, gently lapping guitar and vocals which sound as though they’ve been up all night: these are excellently-penned star-crossed tunes which only the hardest of hearts will be unmoved by.

Acoustic #1 is available for free download now.

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