MUSIC – Edinburgh Spotlight Sounds of the City: Volume 1

Edinburgh Spotlight Music - Sounds of the City: Volume 1

Edinburgh Spotlight Music - Sounds of the City: Volume 1

We love local music here at Edinburgh Spotlight.

Whatever your tastes, you’re likely to find at least one band or artist in the city catering to it – and usually performing it live with passion, drive and enthusiasm that proves the local music scene in the city is alive and well.

To help the best of Edinburgh’s music be heard by as wide an audience as possible, we’re releasing regular free Sounds of the City compilation albums: each one containing sounds and songs which have caught our ears; and which we wholeheartedly recommend.

This first release is a true sampler – acoustic rock, country, pop, post-punk, hip-hop, world music: the only common thread is that these songs represent some of the best of the varied and exciting music on offer in Edinburgh.

So why not download the free album and hear what some of the city’s talented musicians are capable of!

Track listing

shout first / last words by A Fight You Can’t Win
A Fight You Can’t Win are leading lights of Edinburgh’s alternative music scene, and are currently in the running for ‘Best Metal’ act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Although they’re more punk & grunge flavoured than metal, they’ve got to be slotted in somewhere: and this claustrophobic head-burrower of a track will let you make up your own mind where they best fit.

Joker by Echo Arcadia
Echo Arcadia know how to take pop and polish it until it sparkles with hooks and harmonies aplenty. The Joker is a fine example of their multi-layered sound, which is capable of inducing shivers both on record and when playing live.

By The Sword by Titus Pullo
Singer songwriter Craig Robson can often be found on bass and vocals for the mighty Death Trap City. With Titus Pullo, he turns off the power and joins forces with some musical buddies for some heartfelt acoustic romanticism, as this standout track from recent debut EP Acoustic #1 demonstrates.

Ankh by Emissary
Emissary have been moulded from the molten remains of several prog-metal Edinburgh bands, and now they emerge newly-formed with this powerful and exclusive mix of their track Ankh. If you like your rock to be heroic and many-levelled, you’re going to like it.

Like A Fool by Smoothiesforme
Proof that talent knows no age limits, 17 year-old singer songwriter Smoothiesforme produces shimmering slices of pop which rank alongside the best. Like A Fool is a standout track from her New Beginnings EP, which is available for free download here.

If Love Is A Fight by Al Shields
Al Shields sets his sights west with his accomplished and appealing take on country music. If Love Is A Fight is the opening track from his latest LP Slow Burner, an album filled with the heat and dust of the Americana he conjures up so well.

Two Lovers by The Nature Boys
Live, The Nature Boys are a glorious anarchic riot, thanks mostly to frontman Cammy’s onstage antics. On record, they prove just as exciting, where the jagged spikiness of the tunes and Cammy’s punk poet lyrics can be appreciated in the comfort (and safety) of your own home…

Foolish by Hannah O’Reilly / Augustalia
Hannah O’Reilly and her band Augustalia also look to the US of A for inspiration, but through a dark, noirish lens. Their songs have a frisson of danger and intrigue which wouldn’t be out of place on a David Lynch movie soundtrack. Recent single Foolish sees them in romantic mood, with a harmony-laden track that impresses.

The Numbness by Stanley Odd vs The Banana Sessions
The brainchild of producer Garry Boyle, The Mashup Session is an exciting new musical project which sees two bands camp out in the studio, collaborating on a new version of one of their songs. Then, 24 hours later, the track has been mixed, mastered and is available for free download. This is the second Mashup Session, featuring the hip-hoppery of Stanley Odd and the big brass of The Banana Sessions.

Adunabi by Samba Sene & Diwan
Hailing from Senegal, Samba Sene is now based in Edinburgh and creates an uplifting fusion of world beats and sounds with band Diwan. Adunabi is a great example of Samba’s sound from recent LP Remind Me (Fatalima), practically guaranteed to get your toes tapping!

Hide Away by Jack Rowberry
Jack Rowberry can normally be found playing guitar for Pose Victorious. Now he’s following in the footsteps of some of his musical heroes with his solo singer songwriter project. This warm and relaxed acoustic number is his debut.

Stay tuned

One of the hardest things about creating this compilation was narrowing down who to include on it. Edinburgh has a huge amount of musical talent, which consistently impresses and delights us.

We already have Sounds of the City: Volume 2 planned, featuring exclusive live demos and the latest tracks from the best the city has to offer.

And if you’re an artist or in a band and would like to feature on a forthcoming release, drop us a line.

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