INTERVIEW – The OK Social Club

Long-time fans of Edinburgh band The OK Social Club may be surprised to learn the band are only now just about to release their debut single.

“We should’ve changed the name!” says frontman Raff. “Though a couple of the old songs are still there, it literally is a different band.”

“It’s the first time we can really say the band and the music take care of themselves,” adds guitarist Chris. “We all know our roles; we all know what we want.”

After having undergone several changes, The OK Social Club have now settled on a lineup. Raff & Chris are now joined by Gordy on bass and Jordan on the drums.

“There’s been a change in music dynamics,” says Gordy. “Jordan and me have come from different musical backgrounds.”

“It’s a lot more collaborative now,” says Raff. “Before, it was like handing out music sheets to a choir: now I just write the words & melody and everyone does their own parts themselves. It’s like I come in with a black and white picture, which everyone else colours in.”

The OK Social Club’s debut single – The Shape of Things To Come – is released on Platform Records on 12 March; backed up by a launch gig at the Electric Circus on 24 March.

“We wanted to make sure the single was a brand new song,” says Chris. “We’re proud of what we’ve done.”

“It’s the first song I felt I could shine on,” adds Gordy. “The first one where we could all feel equal.”

With support from Edinburgh singer-songwriter Jack Rowberry and Glasgow band The Dots, the boys are looking forward to the gig. And – although the band are now managed by Bulge Promotions’ Tommy Hamilton and have a booking agent in England – they still keep their own creative control.

“It’s important to keep that DIY ethic,” says Chris. “We still load all our own gear!”

“It’s easy to get lazy, but we try not to do that!” says Raff. “But the people we have on board now genuinely believe in us.”

With venues closing and under threat on the one hand, and bands like The 10:04s being lauded as the ‘best new band in Britain’ on the other: it feels like Edinburgh’s in the spotlight at the moment – though not always for the right reasons.

“Everyone’s had a positive couple of weeks,” says Raff. “But it also feels like the carpet’s been pulled from under your feet with venues closing.”

“Truth is Edinburgh’s not really a live music city,” says Chris. “Not enough to justify having all the venues, anyway.”

“But it just takes one band to break through…”

And with a dedicated team behind them, a mighty fine rock & roll attitude and a line-up that now looks set to last, The OK Social Club have as good a chance of being that band as any.

The OK Social Club’s debut single – The Shape of Things To Come – is released on Platform Records on 12 March. The single launch gig is at the the Electric Circus on 24 March.

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