REVIEW – Beat Your Fist by Underclass


Beat Your Fist by Underclass

Beat Your Fist by Underclass

Edinburgh-based five-piece Underclass punch well above their weight with this bone-splintering slice of anthemic power rock.

Beat Your Fist crunches its way straight into the ring from the outset, setting the tone for a tight and wiry scrapper of a track that delivers a knockout before three minutes are up.

Mikey Robertson’s guitar has a satisfyingly meaty quality to it, and you can’t pinch more than an inch on Sean Kelso and Callum Macgillivray’s lean and mean rhythm section. Kev O’Rourke’s keys add some understated colour whilst John Keenan’s vocals soar above his band’s piledriving sound.

She’s gonna explode,” sings Keenan, as the song reaches its climax – he may as well be talking about Beat Your Fist itself, which has been threatening to go supernova since the first chord. The only reason you’ll be wanting to beat your fist against your head after hearing this single is to try and dislodge the hook-laden tune from your brain.

With a broad, radio-friendly appeal and a tightness that doesn’t carry an ounce of extra weight, Beat Your Fist could be the song to turn Underclass from contenders into champions.

Beat Your Fist is available to download on iTunes and Amazon.

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