NEWS – Sighthill Demolition, Sunday 25th September 2011

Sighthill demolition

Blowdown operation of three Sighthill tower blocks

Three tower blocks at Sighthill are scheduled for demolition on Sunday 25th September. Safedem are in charge of the demolition of Glenalmond, Hermiston and Weir Courts and it will mark the third blowdown operation for Safedem on behalf of the City of Edinburgh Council.

You can see the exclusion zone here. The public are allowed to watch the demolition in person but we will be tuning in live on the internet (courtesy of Stevenson College TV)  for the demolition on Sunday.

This clip of previous Sighthill demolitions shows that the dust caused from the explosions travels quite far!

We had a last look at the flats today, which are all sealed off to the public, but you can still seem them from behind the security fence.

The time of the demolition depends on the evacuation of nearby residents, but it is expected to be between 11am and 12 noon.

Sep 25 update –  Edinburgh Council’s YouTube page with their video of the demolition.

The tower blocks a few days ahead of demolition

Will be rubble on Sunday

Sunset over the flats, 20th September


Photo added shortly after demolition. More here.

Another one of our photos from January 2010.

Sighthill flats and the Pentlands

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