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EH1 LiveTaking place on Sunday 25th September and spread across six city centre venues, EH1 Live is the latest addition to Edinburgh’s music festival calendar. We caught up with the organisers to hear a bit more.

Tell us a bit about EH1 Live…?

EH1 LIVE is a celebration of the best unsigned music in Edinburgh and Scotland. Its an all day festival where over 50 bands will be playing over 6 venues in Edinburgh all on Sunday 25th September. EH1 LIVE will be for all ages. With 2 of the venues (The Store and Studio 24) breaking the over 18 age restriction, allowing a selection of the best under 18s bands have the opportunity to play alongside some of the bigger bands. Headliners come from The Dykeenies and Jakil with a string lineup in support.

One ticket gains access to all venues on the day!

What are you hoping to achieve with it?

We want this to be one of the highlighted dates in the Scottish music calendar for years to come by making sure this year’s leaves everyone being proud of the great music in Scotland especially in Edinburgh.

We also want people that come along on the day to be introduced to new bands and acts that they might have not heard of before and also to provide support to the ones they do. We also want primarily for everyone to go out and have a good day out and wake up with a wee bit of a sore head in the morning!

Who’s behind EH1 Live and how are the preparations going so far?

There’s a few of us behind EH1 LIVE, its a combination of two Edinburgh promotions group “This is Sound” and “We Luv Musik” who have put this together.

Preparations have been well planned out for this and we actually first started putting this together way back in February where we all met up over a drink and thought that this would be a great way to celebrate the great music in Scotland. The workload of this has obviously been demanding and we all have been put a lot of hard work in setting it up.

EH1 Live's lineup

EH1 Live's lineup

What bands are you most looking forward to seeing personally?

Bands we personally say are worth checking out on the day is The Lysergic Suite from Leicester. Were all massive fans of this band and Tom Meighan from Kasabian has featured on thier latest EP!

Bands we also cant wait to see on the day are of course the headliners The Dykeenies and Jakil. But we will definitely be making time to see the likes of Pose Victorious, The Laymanites, Greg Pearson, Blow!, Xavia, Little Fire and The Twist.

Also we’re dead looking forward to seeing two great young bands who aren’t yet over 18…The Rah’s and The Trampettes – so if you’re looking to see some great young bands with great potential then check them out!

Any hot tips for people planning to attend?

Our tips are to check out www.eh1live.com, look at the set times tab and plan your day in advance so you know what times the bands are playing when. There will be set time leaflets on the day.

Also get down early to catch the first lot of bands from 2pm. DARC are opening the The Store then so if you fancy a bit of dubstep early on then check them out. If you want to start the day a bit slower and listen to a great acoustic artist then check out Chris J Smith at Electric Circus from 2pm.

Also if you’re still making it out past 11pm then head down to the EH1 LIVE after party at The Electric Circus, where we will be partying on till the early hours of the morning.

What next after September’s event?

EH1 LIVE 2012 obviously!

As for promoting gigs independently…We will both be taking a month off, recharge the batteries and we will be back with a bang in November! Check out for This is Sound and We Luv Musik then.

Keep up to date with news on EH1 Live on the website and Facebook.

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