SINGLE REVIEW – Do You Ever? by The Birthday Suit

With a tarmac-melting riff and a blazing chorus, Do You Ever? by Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones’ new band is the perfect song to be played on the DeLorean’s stereo in Back To The Future.

That’s not to say it’s a blast from the past – though the track is decidedly rockier than his ‘dayjob’ band’s more recent output. Similarly, Jones has less of an accented vocal delivery than Woomble, and comes across as all the more relaxed and accessible for it.

Though there may not be anything startlingly original here, Jones shows that his band isn’t some navel-gazing personal project: no, there’s something far more punchy and chunky on offer here, and The Birthday Suit’s progress as a band in their deserved own right should be an interesting one to follow.

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