FRINGE REVIEW – Vive Le Cabaret


Bring on the dancing girls - Vive Le Cabaret

Bring on the dancing girls - Vive Le Cabaret

If you want a high-octane and fast-paced sampling of what the Fringe’s new cabaret section has to offer, you’d be hard pushed to find a better example than this razzle dazzle of a show at the Pleasance.

With a variety show format which attracts the cream of Fringe talent, Vive Le Cabaret is a hoot all the way from its feather headdress to its sequin-shoed toes. Compered by the inimitable Desmond O’Connor, the show is a rapid-fire selection box of comedy, music, burlesque, magic and sassy style, with an ever-changing lineup which ensures no two shows are the same.

Tonight for instance we get internationally-acclaimed songstress Ali McGregor (performing a charming duet with Mr O’Connor…); misanthropic French comic Marcel Lucont; juggling maestro Mat Ricardo; singing Hitler Frank Sanazi…and many more – each one of them pledging allegiance to the Vive Le Cabaret cause of providing the best in late-night entertainment at the Fringe.

Within minutes, the audience are whooping and cheering as each new act takes the stage, encouraged by O’Connor’s innuendo-laden charm and good humour: creating a party atmosphere which some other shows can only look at with envy.

Uproarious, good-humoured, bawdy and cheeky: Vive Le Cabaret has to be one of the best – and most varied – 75 minutes of sparkling entertainment on the Fringe.

Vive Le Cabaret runs until Aug 29 (not Mondays) at the Pleasance Forth at 22:30. More details here.

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