If you witnessed a crime, would you give up your whole life to, ‘Do the right thing?’ Perhaps not after watching this thought provoking production by Cumbernauld Theatre company.

The audience are invited to join the Witness Protection Programme and experience first hand the daily lives of the police officers who create a new life for those unfortunate enough to end up on the programme. Deeper and deeper layers of lies create a new persona in the hope of ensuring their safety. But whilst the paperwork can be changed, what about the person inside? Are you, still you, even when you change everything about your public face?

Superb performances by all three actors absorb the audience into their respective worlds. At times it is uncomfortable viewing.

A minimal set is complimented by a thoroughly rehearsed background team who deserve to be singled out for praise. The company make creative use of audiovisuals and well thought out sound design to create a world beyond the physical staging leading to a very slick production.

A pleasure to watch.

11-29th August (Not Wednesdays) Hill Street Theatre

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