FRINGE REVIEW – Tom Lenk: Nerdgasm


“Don’t you hate when you pay $150 for a Madonna ticket and she doesn’t sing ‘Like a Virgin’?” rants Tom Lenk, before proceeding to regale his sell-out audience with a few tales from his days on cult television classic ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’.

Lenk has now moved on to other things, but to the people gathered for this one-night-only performance, he will forever be the dorky Andrew from a television show which ended in 2003. It is to Lenk’s credit that he is completely aware of this, and shows no signs of resentment.

For fans of the show, it is somewhat gratifying that Lenk himself does not seem vastly different from the small screen character he portrayed. He has, he says, spent his career playing nerds in theatre, film and reality. he then goes on to support this statement by showing a selection of photos, artwork, etc from his own high school years. Dear oh dear. One has to admire the man’s honesty.

The show contains a lot of storytelling, quite a few laughs, some musical interludes, projections and one rather innovative segment in which audience members contribute illustrations, created in secret, to a song Lenk performs.

Some of the material is a bit weak, but the audience don’t really care. That is not what this sort of show is about. This is about a roomful of people having the chance to share an evening with one of their heroes, and on that basis the audience leaves more than satisfied.

12 Aug 2240 (2340) @ Pleasance Courtyard

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