FRINGE REVIEW – Tom Green: World Comedy Tour


Tom Green at the Fringe

With the unbelievable rain in Edinburgh last night, even Tom admitted he was having second thoughts about coming, but we were all very glad he did. Every Edinburgh Fringe has that one big name performer who comes in from abroad and absolutely rocks the boat with their own unique brand of comedy. This year is no exception. This year, it’s Tom Green.

From the moment Tom enters the room you know he’s about to take you on an insane journey. Even though he has now turned 40, his energy levels have not dropped from the days of being chased down the street, hanging sausages from the ceiling or putting live mice in his mouth. His interaction with the audience is constant and intense. The audience sit there in slight terror not knowing exactly where Tom is going to pounce next.

Over his years performing on MTV, movies including ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ and ‘Road Trip’, and now his own channel – Tom has built up an incredible cult following who were clearly out to support him this dreary Edinburgh evening. From impressively ‘chugging’ multiple pints of beer, dodging questions about his past and shooting down any hecklers with ease, Tom kept the energy level high and everyone engaged throughout.

His insanely genius ‘shock humour’ is what helped Tom shoot to fame and it’s something he fortunately hasn’t let go of. Loosely based on the story of his life, Tom doesn’t hold back. He’s incredibly open and honest about elements of his past making the show much more than just hilarious antics.

We get the feeling that every show Tom does is going to go off on many different tangents depending on where the audience lead him, but we also got the feeling that it won’t matter. He is an absolute master and in complete control of every situation.

There were clearly people in the audience who just ‘didn’t get it’. Perhaps unfamiliar with Tom’s work or simply not knowing what to expect? However if you are into him even slightly then this show is not to be missed.

Until 14 August, 2255 – Udderbelly’s Pasture

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