FRINGE REVIEW – To Avoid Precipice Cling to Rock


Inventive and side-splittingly comical, To Avoid Precipice Cling to Rock follows a group of mature females up a mountain in memory of a friend they once lost there.

The opening to the show is unexpected and sets a fantastic standard for the performance’s hilarity. The remainder of the piece then continues this unpredictability and originality of theatrical expression, which works in parallel with a thoroughly exciting storyline.  Some of the scenes become marginally repetitive and begin to drag but, throughout, the performer’s acting is consistently strong and convincing.

The entire cast has an incredible amount of energy and it is clear that they are all putting their heart and soul into the performance. The actresses’ transformation from evidently beautiful girls to frumpy, awkward and stubborn women is exceptionally amusing. All performer’s characterisation is impressive and attention grabbing; the contortions that their faces manage to squeeze into are thoroughly entertaining. Occasionally the stylised and colloquial undercutting is ineffective but the cast manage to hold an intense focus where the audience are constantly exploding in fits of laughter.

Teetering on the edge of alternative musical theatre, To Avoid Precipice Cling to Rock is consistently embellished with gorgeous warming tones and hilarious and inventive lyrics. These compliment the delightful mayhem and crazy chaos that is occurring on stage. Despite some solos being much stronger than others, as a group chorus, the performers sound fantastically powerful.

Considering the visible creative skill that the performers and writer hold, the theatrical expression which ends the performance is anti-climactic and mildly disappointing. However, vibrantly enchanting, watching the inspirational Babolin creates the sensation of sharing an extremely exciting secret.

By Hayley-Jane Doyle

9-13 August, 16:30 @ Bedlam

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