FRINGE REVIEW – The Velveteen Rabbit


Based on the children’s book, Backhand Theatre’s production of The Velveteen Rabbit is a tender and charming piece of children’s theatre which captures all the bittersweet magic of putting away childish things in a beautifully-staged piece.

A boy’s favourite toy is Little Rabbit, a much-loved creation of velveteen and sawdust which he takes to bed with him every night. With dreams of becoming real, Little Rabbit’s happiness is in jeopardy when the boy falls ill and the doctor informs his nanny his disease-ridden toys must be burned in the garden.

Backhand know how to captivate a young audience. With their handmade puppets and way of speaking to children rather than at them, they are a company who never bore or lose their audience.

Here, Little Rabbit himself is a lovable and sympathetic puppet figure, whilst the boy is expressively and convincingly played by the lead actor. Lighting and set design have a suitably storybook feel, and the whole piece exudes charm throughout the whole of its touching tale.

The Velveteen Rabbit is young children’s theatre at its best: a delightfully staged piece which has you believing in the power of childhood love to achieve anything.

The Velveteen Rabbit runs until Aug 29 (not 15) at C eca at 11:00. More details here.

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