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The Tour Guide

If a Leither tells you they’ve just spotted a vintage open-top tour bus cruising along Great Junction Street full of passengers singing “Loch Lomond”, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve had a few too many. It may just be Kenny the tour guide going off-piste.

Writer James Graham and producer Gary Roden are both local lads who have drawn heavily on their knowledge of Edinburgh to create this specially-commissioned site-specific work. The audience are tourists on a MacTours vintage bus on Kenny’s last ever tour, and he wants to show the “the real Edinburgh”. Kenny is a man under a lot of stress, the causes of which unfold gradually as the guide begins to unravel..

Ian Hanmore gives an impressive performance as Kenny. He inhabits the character so completely that it is sometimes difficult to remind yourself that none of this is real. However the real star of the show is, of course, Edinburgh. True to the description, the bus does cover a route that will be off the beaten path for most tourists.

This production proudly proclaims that the city of Edinburgh itself provides the set, lights, sound (and weather). These conditions, and of course the reactions of passersby, mean every show will be different. For full enjoyment of the show, do bear in mind the unpredictable Scottish weather. Even on a clear night, the open deck of the bus makes for an extremely draughty ride so dress accordingly.

Full of pathos, bleak humour, and genuine insight into the real heart of Edinburgh, the Tour Guide offers an interesting diversion for tourists and locals alike.

3-28 Aug (not 8, 15, 22) times vary. More info here.

NB: This show departs from the bus stop on Jeffrey Street, NOT Market
Street as previously advertised.

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