FRINGE REVIEW – The Tim Bat Trick Show


Tim Bat – not a bat, but very tricky!  Tim’s show is of the old school variety type of entertainment, with a whole host of different skills on offer.  He specialises in tricks where he balances various objects, and during the course of the show he taught the children some tricks which they could try at home.

His skills with a yo-yo were superb, with as fine a demonstration of techniques such as ‘walking the dog’ and ‘loop the loop’ as you’d see anywhere, and during the course of the performance he had this reviewer reflecting that she had spent many an hour unsuccessfully twirling a yo-yo in the days of a pre-computer childhood.  But when he demonstrated the use of a yo-yo as a weapon, reflections turned to thinking that maybe that particular skill shouldn’t be encouraged in the youth of today.

If you’re trying to encourage your children to get their 5-a-day, then Tim’s juggling and eating an apple might be a good way to practise and get healthy at the same time, although in his version a large amount of the apple did end up elsewhere other than actually being eaten.

Spinning tops, lasso techniques, visits from puppets and balloon blowing were all part of this variety show, and the children giggled, oohed and aahed appropriately. There was also a little audience participation from willing volunteers. It’s just a shame there wasn’t a larger audience on the particular day our reviewers visited to create the atmosphere of fun and frolics to reflect the goings on on the stage.

It’s recommended that the audience is over 4, and the show was probably suitable for children up to about 10 years of age.

Added comments by Alex (9): I really liked the bit where he was juggling with his umbrella and two sticks, and when the puppets were on that was really funny.

Dates: 17th August @ Pleasance Courtyard

By The McNaughton Family Review Team

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