FRINGE REVIEW – The Segue Sisters


Taking the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B by the hand and leading him into territory he never dared dream of, The Segue Sisters charm and their way through this impressive show of sweet singing, three-part harmonies…and heavy metal.

Their premise is simple yet effective. The loose narrative of the girls being imprisoned is a device to hang the delightfully-performed musical numbers from, with the trio treating us to renditions of Alice Cooper’s Poison, Sweet Child O’Mine and others, all sung in a sweetly innocent Andrews Sisters style. Kitsch and cute, there isn’t an ounce of cynicism about the Sisters – their charm proves irresistible after a few moments and the show speeds by quickly.

A highlight from the set is their version of ELO’s Mr Blue Sky, impressively complete with sung vocoder and mock operatic sections, proving that the Segue Sisters’ talented tonsils are able to deal with several different styles of vocal delivery and are far from being one-trick ponies.

Sadly, health and safety rules prohibit the girls appearing on actual Segways – however, their charming performance doesn’t need any wheels to zip along at an enjoyable and appealing pace.

The Seque Sisters runs until Aug 28 (not 17) at The Gilded Balloon at 22:15. More details here

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