FRINGE REVIEW – The Seagull Effect


Idle Motion may be a young company, but they are fast developing a reputation for creating emotionally resonant, multi-layered theatre with highly innovative staging. Their latest offering, ‘The Seagull Effect’, continues this trend.

Our narrator emerges from the audience and reflects on the night of 16 October 1987, when an unprecedented hurricane hit the southeast of England. Dramatic as this event may have been, it serves here as a backdrop for highly personal stories. The title references the idea that small, seemingly random events can lead to epic changes, whether in atmospheric or emotional conditions.

Idle Motion may be young, but their subject matter shows an emotional complexity that belies their years, and their performances are beautifully subtle character studies. Their creative staging adds an
exciting dimension to what are ultimately quite small-scale, personal stories. Here, images are projected onto umbrellas, the fourth wall is penetrated and dialogue combines with dance, movement and music.

Idle Motion theatre company may only be four years old, but with three successful Fringe shows and numerous awards already under their belts, they are definitely a theatrical force to be reckoned with.

5-27 Aug (not 16, 23) 1620 (1720) @ Zoo Roxy More info here.

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