FRINGE REVIEW – The Oh F**k Moment


Anyone familiar with the ludicrous trappings of the corporate world will feel immediately at home in the basement space of St George’s West where The Oh F**k Moment takes place. As the audience enter and are given mugs of tea by smartly-dressed Hannah Jane Walker, they take seats around a large boardroom-style table, where Walker and co-performer Chris Thorpe pull up chairs and present this original and innovative site-specific hour of performance poetry.

The premise is simple and ultimately affirming: we are all capable of mistakes, whether they are ones which simply cause us to wish the ground opens up and swallows us; or catastrophic errors which leave ‘smoking holes in the earth’. Via monologues, poems and some audience participation, Walker and Thorpe lead something which begins like an office meeting – complete with post-it notes and flipcharts – and ends feeling like cathartic therapy, where we have given ourselves permission to realise it’s ok to ‘f**k up’.

With moments of poignancy, humour and pathos, The Oh F**k Moment examines human error from all angles, with Walker and Thorpe’s performances and wordplay delivering their points with lyrical style and impact. And by laying bare our own inadequacies and treating them for the allowable mistakes they are, they have created something which ultimately celebrates the human condition with all its ‘oh f**k’ moments, rather than condemns it.

The Oh F**k Moment runs until Aug 27 at St George’s West. Times vary.

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